“I have this hopelessly romantic notion that ‘spirit of place’ is a metaphysical reality;
that as humans we can be in a place and somehow communicate with our surroundings,
allow ourselves to feel the emotion that’s wrapped up in the ‘spiritual energy’ of any given location.”

100 Stories

For almost a decade now, I have been writing a monthly column featuring one of my photographs and an accompanying story about the art and aesthetics of landscape photography for Outdoor Photography Magazine. Photography is a perpetual journey of discovery; once we become hooked, every conversation, exhibition, book, or photograph offers a new flavouring and nuance to our overall understanding. Writing for OP has been an immense privilege because it allows me to share such discoveries with you.

My initial brief for the column was to “inspire and inform”. My column is all about the art and aesthetics of landscape photography, rather than the latest gear or technological advances. Each piece is written with timeless intent, so hopefully most of the content will remain relevant for years to come. With kind permission from Outdoor Photography Magazine, 100 stories (50 ‘Land‘ and 50 ‘Sea‘) have been re-published for you here (links below).