About Within One Mile

‘Pink’, Queen’s Road, Nottingham
Canon A1, Canon FD 50mm f/1.8, Kodak Portra 160, handheld, unfiltered, exposure not recorded.
Within One Mile: ‘Façade’

The 'Within One Mile' Project

‘Within One Mile’ is a celebration of the mundane, a celebration of the everyday: scenes that we would otherwise walk past without giving a second glance, but scenes that punctuate our lives with beautiful hidden visual treasures. From the understated pastel pinks of a frontage destined for demolition to a birthday message sprawled in graffiti to adorn the decaying hull of a wooden boat.

One of my favourite ways of revealing such delicate visual flavourings is to capture them on film. A return to my traditional roots and a celebration of the celluloid epoch, albeit using the best modern emulsions. The glorious understated pastels of Kodak Portra 160 and the gritty soulful silvers of Kodak Tri-X are my current favoured flavours; they’re delicious in the pathos and gravitas they bring to our imagery, just beautiful.

The name ‘Within One Mile’ is a wrapper for a group of projects which share the common theme of all the photographs in any series being made in a restricted geographic area. Within each portfolio, all the images are made within a radius of one mile from a specific place. It could be a large place, like a city, or a linear one, like a road, but ‘Within One Mile’ is all about self-imposed geographical limitations.

Different locations differ in more than just geographical co-ordinates: they each have their own feel, they have a ‘vibe’, an atmosphere, some would even say ‘spirit of place’. It takes time to get to know a place, to imbibe the vibe, to feel a resonance. Restricting subject matter to a limited area allows time for a more intimate conversation, a more authentic representation of a place’s character. Each place is photographed in a different but very deliberate style, typically restricting myself further to use of a single prime lens, camera body and film-stock to achieve a specific image-feel and resonance.

I’m loving the creative process of shooting these images: I hope you enjoy looking at them and that you enjoy my fascination with these filmic styles as much as I do.